Αναλογική Κονσόλα Ήχου με 6 εισόδους και FX.

2 Mic / Line Inputs with separate XLR and TRS jack sockets2 Stereo Inputs with TRS jack sockets2 Guitar DI high impedance inputs, eliminating the need for DI boxesInternal FX engine with tap tempoLo-cut filter for cleaning up unwanted low frequency noise2 band EQ for easy creative and corrective tonal shaping60mm smooth travel fader on main mixXLR main outputsFlexible signal monitoring8 LED signal metering48V Phantom Power for condenser micsRobust internal power supplyΔιαστάσεις: 88,9 x 249 x 236,4 mmΒάρος: 1.27 kg