ALLEN & HEATH XB 14-2 Radio Broadcast mixer. Κονσόλα ήχου ιδανική για ραδιοφωνικούς σταθμούς, με δύο εισόδους telco για τηλεφωνικές γραμμές, 4 Mono mic και 2 dual stereo. Με θύρα USB και έξοδο ακουστικών.

Audition/clean feed bus3-band EQ on mono channels4 mic/line and 4 stereo channels2-band EQ on Telco/stereo channels2 stage, padless pre-amp designFader start sensing on mono channelsStart/cue logic on stereo channel switches2 Telco telephone communication channelsUSB connectivity to interface with PC/MACSeparate headphones mix for engineer/producer and 2 guestsVertically-mounted PCB construction with nutted rotary potsAux and separate stereo busses for processing/recordingControl room outputs with auto and remote mutesRemote mute facility on mic channelsBalanced main outputs with insertsInput signal and peak metering