Αναλογική κονσόλα ήχου XB-10 broadcasting της Allen&Heath. Είναι ιδανική για μικρό ραδιοφωνικό σταθμό ή internet radio. Διαθέτει 3 εισόδους mic/line, 3 εισόδους Stereo και 1 είσοδο Telco με επιλογή USB routing για εισερχόμενες κλήσεις VoiP.

 3 mic/line and 3 stereo inputsTelco channel with optional USB routing for VoIPCompACT compressors on mic channelsON switch logic on mic and telco channelsStart/cue logic outputs on stereo channelsSeparate headphones mix and outputsAuto mutes on control room outputsRemote mute facility on mic channelsResponsive 3-band, swept mid EQ with MusiQConfigurable USB stereo audio in/outXLR main outputs with inserts and variable limiterAux / Alt bus for external processing, recording or auditioning USBXB-10 comes with a full duplex USB soundcard built-in and many useful routing options for recording and broadcast applications.MusiQXB-10 features a responsive 3-band, swept mid frequency EQ design which utilises MusiQ with optimised slope for a variety of sources.Output LimiterA variable limiter ensures the level does not exceed a pre-defined level. Back panel option switches allow the limiter to be bypassed. A trim pot is used to vary the threshold and an LED on the front panel indicates when the limiter has triggered.CompACT CompressorXB-10 features our ComPACT compressor on each of its mic channels. CompACT (Adaptive Compression Technology) is a program-dependent audio leveller. Unlike other compressors, which are effective only at reducing loud sounds, CompACT combines both downward and upward compression with peak limiting. Low level signals are given a gain boost, mid level signals are mildly compressed with a soft knee response, and high level signals are limited.