Rane MLM82S

The Rane MLM82S features four balanced, studio grade, Mono Mic/Line Inputs with XLR jacks and 15 VDC phantom power. Each of the four Mic/Line Inputs may be assigned to the A, the A+B or the B Outputs. Independent Level/Gain Trim controls and Signal/Overload indicators are provided for each Mic/Line Input. The Phantom Power switch and the Mic / Line switches are located on the rear panel. Phantom power is removed from any Input set for Line operation.

Χαρακτηριστικά:Four balanced Mic/Line Inputs (XLR) with:15V phantom powerBi-color signal present / overload indicatorsTrimless mic stage preamplifiersA / A+B / B Assign SwitchFour Balanced Stereo Line Inputs (1/4" TRS) with:Independent Mono switch12 dB of line gainTwo balanced Outputs (XLR) withIndependent Overload indicatorsIndependent Level controlsInternal pad for Mic level output