Εγγραφέας 6 ψηφιακών μηνυμάτων. Λειτουργίες repeat (loop) και αυτόματη ανακοίνωση emergency μέσω remote (RC-100/JRC-10)…

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Expandable recording memory to 32 bit(basic 16M bit)6 message banks(flexable memory )Remote control by RC-100 microphone station.Digital message recorder /playback for evacuation or announcement systems.Backup battery for data storage(max 60days)Repeat(loop),automatic announcement for emergency remote control from message bank6.4 bit ADPCM LSI/16KHz sampling frequency.Inputs :Mic 50dB/600Ω unbal,Line -10dB/10KΩ unbalRemote control input: 10pin connector (M1~M6, START/STOP, REPEAT/STOP,BUSY)Outputs: -10dB unbalHeadphone output: 24MW?64ΩFrequency ResponseMic : 300Hz~6.4kHz (fs=16kHz)Line : 100Hz~6.4kHz (fs=16kHz)Operating voltage: +15V DC ~ +17V DCCurrent consumption: 100mA operation, 80mA stand-byMemory size: 16Mbits SPAM (base). Expandable up to 32Mbits (option)Message recording time:base 4 min 28sec in total (16 Mbit)max. 8 min 56sec in total (32 Mbit)Message back-up time: max 60days (16Mbits)/ max 30days (32Mbit)Sampling frequency: fs=16kHzAmbient temperature: 0?~50?Dimesions (mm/ inch): 194(W) x 40(H) x 125(D) / 7.6(W) x 1.6(H) x 4.9(D)Weight(kg/lbs): 0.42kg